In development, Quantigent is a design boutique that develops brands. 2001, I created a brandmark and name for myself to differentiate me from my competitors and to have a strong web presence. I create the core elements of your company identity, in the growing Cybersecurity niche. SEO, I am at the top of the search page. Market research

Ronald Andrew Blodgett -
Founder & Senior Graphic Designer
EIN: 26-3470934

A corporate identity is a unique collection of key messages and visual identity components (including colors, fonts and imagery) that convey the essence of your company to the marketplace. A strong identity creates a powerful connection between you and your customers and employees. In today’s crowded marketplace, a strong identity cuts through the noise to deliver a clear picture of who you are and what you do.
As an established business, you’ve already created an impression on your customers. Logo design is the first step in the process of formalizing that impression into
an identity that creates a distinct market presence.”

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